I've tried Ghost Before. It seemed like a great alternative to Wordpress, but it lacked features. Now with the 1.0 release, things are really starting to take shape.

Choosing Ghost
After checking out Ghost in the past, I've been using Wordpress for my blogging needs. An email shows up in my inbox late Wednesday night touting the new 1.0 release of Ghost and all it's new features. I have no choice but to go another round with the platform, so here we are.

Getting Up and Running
Setting up a Ghost blog was mostly painless. I even have it running alongside my Wordpress installations. The Official Documentation was all I needed to get started. Nearly every aspect of installing and configuring Ghost from scratch is there, and it was a breeze to follow along with the instructions. Ghost-CLI is an amazing installer that took care of all the nitty gritty stuff: NGINX config, MySQL config, directory structure, etc.

Blogging with Ghost
Using the web interface for Ghost is a treat. The minimalist design lets you focus on your content and not have to dig through the UI. Along these lines, relying heavily on Markdown enforces this idea of content focus as well. I'm excited to explore Ghost in depth and discover everything it has to offer.